LIFE Company Social Media Plan


Over three months, our team has conducted an analysis of Local Initiative for Future Energy (LIFE) Co-operative’s current position and research on the external environment. The analysis, along with a comprehensive SWOT analysis, was presented to LIFE in October 2015. Using the feedback and information gathered during that meeting, LIFE’s Strategic Planning Meeting in October 2015, and our own market research, the team has developed a Social Media Marketing Plan (SMMP). This plan includes objectives for LIFE, a proposed breakdown of target audience, positioning axioms, suggested social media zones, and an activation plan. 

My role

Besides contributing to the teamwork of conducting a SWOT analysis and target audience segment, I focused on two social communities of LIFE Company which were Twitter and Facebook. Firstly, I analyzed current metrics of LIFE’s social media platform including conversation rate, demographic data and time active. Secondly, I conducted general research of social media users on Twitter and Facebook to summarize useful information relevant to LIFE Company. Finally, based on our marketing objectives, I came up with feasible and specific recommendations on these platforms. In addition, I designed a call to action advertisement presenting on Microtile Wall at University of Waterloo Stratford Campus. 

 My design for LIFE Company Advertisement 

My design for LIFE Company Advertisement