Newspaper Publishment


This is one of my undergraduate projects, my team successfully publish a mini newspaper at school. The purpose of this project is to learn by practice using the journalism theories and design skills. We started from news gathering and writing with news photography and interview skills and collected news materials for newspaper. After setting up the editorial policy, we presented news in different categories and maintained a consistent style on our newspaper. This newspaper had been published in school and reached to a great number of students and professors. 

My role

Thanks to my background of both graphic communication and Journalism, I became the chief editor and team leader in this project. I worked collaboratively with other four team members and participated in every process of publishing the newspaper. At the beginning, I made project plan and documented editor policy as a project manager after the initial meeting. During the process of gathering information, I played the role as a journalist and photographer writing news. And then as a designer, I was trying to make design elements such as color, column and image to serve to news and design for a pleasant experience for readers to absorb information.