Stanford Crowd Research


The Stanford Crowd Research program was initiated in March 2015 by Stanford HCI Group. This project is a complete design, implementation, launch, and evaluation of a new crowdsourcing platform--Daemo. Crowd Research is an experimental initiative by professor and students at Stanford to recognize the potential of student researchers and exploring the possibility of research collaboration between the two. It is a first of its kind research-at-scale initiative in the world. We are a group of students, professionals and researchers from all around the world working together to engineer, build, and design Daemo.The project is organized by  Prof. Michael Bernstein at Stanford HCI and his students.

My role

I work in a team with people of different backgrounds toward the completion of weekly milestones. These include building and optimizing the Daemo platform, giving feedback on each other’s milestones, and taking the best ideas to move forward with. Each week, we use the results from our efforts so far to decide on a milestone that we’ll pursue for the next week. As a researcher and UX designer in the team, I use my knowledge in user experience and design to find the optimal solutions for existing problems. My job is to contribute ideas and make user flows, prototypes, wireframes etc. to visualize ideas and present in weekly milestones. This project is an interesting challenge and a pleasant learning opportunity to me where I get a chance to work with diverse people all over the world and gain a lot of real world design experience. 

See my previous milestones: 

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